Cultural Activities

From the most important Cultural Activities we can mention:

Dibra district:

  • Oda Dibrane
  • Harvest Fair,
  • Gostia Dibrane,
  • The Feast of the Cherry, Feast of  Bjeshke
  • Birthday of Skanderbeg (May 6),
  • The Feast of Drin

Bulqiza District:
Festa e GjoricÎs (dt 26/07), the feast of apple
Mat District:
Mat Lyrical Song, Lauranteve Meeting, October 8 – the birthday of Ahmet Zogu, the King of Albanians, the Feast of Saint-George, Folk Fest July 31.

“Oda Dibrane” symbolizes the waiting room of the guests. It is the symbol of hearth and generosity, a symbol of Albanian bravery resistance, where were kept assemblies, ceremonies in case of joys and fatalities, also there were presented the wisdom of our Nation. This room served as a place where were made many epic and lyric songs, conversation with guests, were used proverbs and allegorical dialogue, so it was the place where every one feels enjoyed. The Festival “Oda Dibrane” has started its activity in 1994. In 1995 the festival had the same physiognomy; It was conceived as an appointment of popular rhapsodic but also were introduced in it other elements.For the first time this nationwide festival, was filmed and broadcast by the Albanian Public Television. This made it more recognized for artistic institutions which were interested in thematic of this event.

Since 1997 the festival has been developed without any interruption, which shows its stability and for the artistic and ethnic culture values ​​that shows it is a necessity for developing this festival.

In 23, 24, 25, 26 October 2014, was also held “Oda Dibrane”

This was the twentieth year that is organized this activity.

“The Feast of Cherry Fair”               “Harvest Fair


The Feastival “Oda Dibrane”