The Departments


The Organization Structure of the employees of  Diber Regional Council for the Period 2014.

The structure consists of these departments and relevant sectors:

  • The Cabinet is composed of 5 employees
  • The audit is composed of 2 employees


  • 1.The Directorate of Management of Human Resource (13 employees)

a) The sector of Human Resource Management

b) The sector of Administration

  • 2.The Directorate of legal and Finance consists of :(6 employees)

a) The sector of Finance

b) Legal Sector

  • 3.The Directorate of Planning of the Region Development (12 employees)

a) The Sector of Region Development

b) The Sector of Compiling and Monitoring the Projects

c)The Sector of  IT and Statistics


4.The Directorate of Urban Plan ( 9 employees)

a) The Sector of Urban Planning

b)The Sector of Inspectorate Construction


  • 5.The Directorate of Regional Services (9 employees)

a) Services Sector

b) Water Supply Sector

  • 6.The Directorate of administration and Land Protection

               (Delegated Function, 5 employees)


  • 7. The Enterprise of Rural maintenance Roads