The election and the competences of the Dibra Regional Council

The Regional Council of Dibra consists on 51 members. The Mayors of Communes and Municipalities are directly members of the Regional Council. After the authorization of the Municipal and Commune Councils, the council’s members elect the members of the Regional Council through a voting process with a list of candidates; the candidate or candidates that take more votes are declared as winners. The number of the representatives for each local government unit is defined by the number of inhabitants according to a legal formula. The Regional Council exercises its competences since the moment of authorization until the moment of the successor council authorization. If the Regional Council is not authorized up to 90 days after the declaration of the local government elections, the prefect exercises all the functions and competences of the council up to the moment of the authorization.The usual meeting of the Regional Council takes place not more than once in three months.

The Regional Council takes meetings by the request of:

1. The President

2. Headship of the Council

3. The 1/3 of the council’s members
4. The Prefect about the issues connected with his functions. The call for the meeting is done by the President of the Regional Council.


The Regional Council of Dibra has these duties:

1- Approves the statute of the Council, and also the internal rule of self function
2- Decides for the level of financial compulsory support for every commune and municipality in the Council’s budget.
3- Elect and dismisses the members of council, the President, the v/President and the members of the Headship.
4- Nominates and dismisses the Secretary of the Regional Council
5- Approves the organizational structure and the basic rules of Region’s administration, to the institutional and budgeting units depending by the Regional Council, and the number of the personnel as well, qualification requests, salaries and the way how to reward the employees and other persons elected or nominated according to the legislation.
6- Approves the enterprise charters, trade companies, other jurisdiction bodies created by them or is cofounder.
7- Approves the budged and their changes
8- Approves the alienation or the make in use of properties to the third subjects.
9- Organizes and supervises the internal checking process.
10- Decides about the taxes and tariffs under the competence of the Region, and also about their level.
11- Decides about the loans and the discharge toward the third subjects.
12- Decides about the creation of common institutions together with other local government units including the subject of common competences or with the third subjects.
13- Nominates and dismisses the Directors of enterprises under their dependence.
14- Decides the start of judiciary proceedings about issues of his competence
15- Decides about the certification and the mandate of the member of Regional Council.
16- Approves the acts, standards and criteria to regulate and organize the function given  by law, and also the protection and guarantee the public interest in Regional level
17- Gives decorates and degrees.
18- Decides about the rules procedures and the way of realizing the delegating functions based on the law about the delegation in Region.
19- Approves and abrogate the decisions of Regional Council’s Headship.