Council Leader of Dibra County

The Presidency of the County  Council of Dibra Region

Based on the Law 8652 dated 31.07.2000 “On the Organisation and Functioning of Local Government”as amended Article 51 of Directive nr.254 / 1 dated 10.08.2011 “On Creating the Diber District Council” in the first meeting of Establishment dated on  14/09/2011


The selection of the Presidency  of Dibra County Council  during the  period 2011-2015, composed as below:

1. Ilir Krosi
2. Bardhyl Agolli
3. Mois LLani
4. Defrim Fiku
5. Hajdar Kurti
6. Adelina Farici
7. Lindita Pali


Qarku Dibër


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