The Secretary of the Council of Dibra 

Based on Law No. 8652, dated 31.07.2000 “On the Organisation and Functioning of Local Government” Article 54, letter d, and Section 37/1, Diber County Council held  a meeting on date 26/12/2011, and chose Mr. Xhelal Mera, Secretary of the County Council of Dibra for the period 2011-2015.


NAME: Xhelal

Surname: Mera

Place of birth: Gjorica,  Bulqiza District

Date of Birth: 20/03/1961

Merital Status: Married

EDUCATION: Higher, Agronomy, ILB KAMZA (1985) and

Branch Bio- chemistry “Luigj Gurakuqi Shkodra “year of graduation in 2012.


-1985 -1987, Agronom at Agricultural Ex. Coperatives, in Gjorica Commune

– 1987-1993, Teacher at the United high School of Shupenze Commune.

– 1993-1996, Secretary of the Council of Gjorica Commune.

– 1996-2000, Mayor Gjorica commune.

– 2000-2003, unemployment.

– 2003-2011, Mayor of Gjorica commune.

– From 2011 onwards, the Secretary of the County Council of Dibra.


Knowledge of basic computer programs and English language