Harta e Qarkut DiberDibra Region has a population of 177846  inhabitants and an average density of 68 inhabitants for  km², which is lower than the country average. According to the administrative division of 2000, the population of the region is spread over three districts, which include four municipalities, 31 communes and 279 villages. Dibra Region is located in the northeastern part of Albania, in the central mountainous area, on both sides of the Black Drin River and Mat Valley. It is bordered in the east by Macedonia, in the north by Kukes region, in the northwest with Lezha region, in the west with the regions of Durres and Tirana, and in the south with the region of Elbasan. Dibra is located at these geographic coordinates: latitude north, 41° 54’28″, and south latitude 41° 20’ 50″; east longitude 20° 34’50″ and west longitude 19° 48’ 36″. The northeastern sub-region is characterized by a diverse geological construction. In this subregion different tectonic zones are found, such as the Korab, the Mirdita, the Krasta – Cukali and Kruja. The northeastern sub-region is dominated by different euphusive and intrusive magmatic rocks, especially those ultrabasic.

Regional Development Strategy 2012-2016 

Qarku Dibër


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