Natural Resources

Dibra Region is rich in underground where the most important are:
Chromium: localized in Martanesh of Bulqiza, in Bulqiza, in Ternove, in Shupenz, in Selishta and Lura. For this mineral the chrome enrichment factory in Bulqiza is functional. Gypsum: They are located in mountain chain of Korab-Deshat relatively in large volumes. There are some mineralisations in Dibra region as wel , such as:
Poly metals: The iron-fer nickel, which remain unused because of dif icult condit ons of their location and the difficulties of enrichment. Clay: These are of medium and high quality found in areas: Kastriot-Tomin
Lime of Cidhna: These are very convenient and can serve as raw material for production ofcement. Marbles and marbled limestones: they are found in the areas of Ar as, Zal Rec, Lura, Shupenz, etc.