The development of tourism in Diber Region is related mainly to the mountain tourism because of the relief. The area is most commonly visited in the summer, since in other seasons the ac es roads become impossible to go through. The most famous place to visit is Lura which is also a national park with two hotels or inns whith a total capacity of 60 beds -the number of tourists per year, or the season is approximately 150 visitors. It is equipped with 2 people. Nearby villages can accommodate 10 visitors per day. The Thermal Waters (Llixhat) are another location of interest. Even though this is a curative establishment, there are some revenues generated. The total number of visitors is about 7,0 0 visitors
per year. The total hosting capacity is about 150 visitors per day. Other cultural activities with interest for tourists are Oda Dibrane, Kenga lirike e Mati and fairs organized every year.

Qarku Dibër


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